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I started writing this blog in 2018 as a platform for my writing and other stuff like videos and music, and had a lot of fun with it, and was consistent with posting, even doing it weekly for a while.  And it’s not even a hard thing to do.  It’s not like writing a short story or a book or a screenplay, or even a poem, although I do tend to go over and over it and add pictures, so then I need pictures, or video, or a song… so yeah, I guess it’s not hard though it can be time consuming.  But what’s so bad about time consuming?  I like to consume time.  There are certainly worse ways to do that.  But putting one out week after week, trying to keep the output going but also write good things or make people think or laugh… a blog can become a millstone around your neck!


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But… when I realized this would be number 100, I was like, whoa!  I better get that post done so I can have my 100th post!  That would make this a milestone instead of a millstone!

But then I thought, you can’t just write about this being the 100th post.  That would be like a sitcom doing its 100th episode and instead of a story and jokes, the characters just milled about, congratulating each other on 100 episodes!

Which is funny, because I just started getting more involved in doing social media posts on TikTok and Facebook and Instagram, etc., to support the #RoleoMassager and our Massage U and U-Selfcare brands.  And like the blog, it turns out that posting on social media for business purposes requires one to do it every day.  With so many platforms, that’s a lot of posting.  And then looking at other people’s posts and commenting, so people see something you wrote, like it, and click on you to see what your deal is, or your company, or product or brand.

Every day!  A few times a day, even!  And it’s not just taking a picture, you need to create something, like a short video, or a funny or meaningful post.  Coming up with new material every day, for each different platform.  It’s… well, it’s like a millstone around your neck!

So, in conclusion, it’s great to reach a milestone, but I don’t want to turn it into a millstone!

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