An Honorable Death – the blurb

An Honorable Death by PL Kleiman is a classic murder-revenge tale set in the American South (with a visit to Hamburg, Germany).  The story’s framework was taken from a chapter in Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi, and is full of exciting adventures and, despite its tragedy, told with much humor, in the Twain tradition.  Supporting characters and their stories open a window into the lives of women and free Black people during this tumultuous period.  The story’s momentum builds steadily until the very surprising double-twist ending.

An Honorable Death by PL Kleiman is an entirely excellent read populated by fascinating, fully-developed characters, propelled by a compelling story line that gains momentum with each page.  Extra points for the multiple surprise endings that keep you engaged until the very last sentence.  Bottom line: A most satisfying novel.”

– Gary Rivlin, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Katrina: After the Flood

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