Kleiman Says Music


The one and only Albert Lee, live at Culver City Hall, 2017*

I like music.  I play music.  I write music.  I go to concerts.  Music is very important to me.

Sometimes, I like to put in the names of two musicians I like to see if they ever played together, and quite often they have, or I find  something else cool.  I’ll share those.

I also play in two bands: StompBox Holiday (American Roots rock, originals and some covers, and The Dick and Jane Family Orchestra (it’s hard to explain but you need to see it).  I also write some songs and record at home, so I will post some videos and audio files for your enjoyment (at least we hope, and when I say we, I mean you and me).

Some of my friends are incredible musicians in many genres, including rock, Jazz, blues, folk, country, etc., and I hope to share some of their work with you here as well.

*Albert Lee at Culver City Hall August 1, 2013 : British guitar legend teams up with his band for a free outdoor concert in beautiful downtown Culver City.  Wow.

OCTOBER 29, 2018: Youtube is the best.  I like to think of two musicians I like and search to see if I can find a clip of them playing together. This one I found by accident. Two amazing guitarists.  Had no idea they were close friends. The unparalleled Chet Atkins (my dad had an old album of his and he’s one reason I play the guitar) and the amazing Mark Knopfler.  Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSdThfseSkQ